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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

..DoeS it CovEr ALL togEthEr?..

long time nutin' been post in this wonderful colourful blog, thus, here it goes with several edited pichas of wats going in and on of a life as a 'chekgu' named LABU..oooyeah!!..this edited pichas i dedicated to those peeps that ter'include' in it..haha..

and first it start with.....RAWKINGS @ SEDIM WATERFALL...yahuuuuuuuuu..

we started with persuading gjol (our diva coursemate) to join the trip to sedim since few of us never been there yet..with gjol's spectacular GEn-2, we drove to Sedim Waterfall in Kulim for the first time..in the crew: Diva GjoL, Pidi Kacipcrew, Farid, hAPiz and i..

gjol, apiz, pd and the Gen-2..hehe:P

pergh...it's SEDIM!!..haha

yeah..it's freakin' brutal yaw!..haha..

second..ONe NitE sTand @ GURNEY PLAZA......yaiy!!!:D

due to consequences of s0-called-innocent Farid, who didnt have the guts to 'tipu' uncle saad, ( our blameless pak guard), so we have to wait outside till the gates re-open back at 530a.m..so we called it one nite stand in penang...yeah...

karaoke-ing for 24songs, lepaking at mamu's burger stall, drive thru all around penang till subuh..and early breakfast at Gurney plaza's McDonald before make brainless freaking pose along the road..ermm.. i mean persiaran Gurney..aaauuwww......haha..

coffee or tea?..yucks..hate black coffee..hehe..

early McD breakfast..and yet, we r da 1st customer...haha..

5 bersaudara..

cover album: f***king stylo..haha

and the best pose goes to...KAMI yang CHUMIL!!..haha

thirdly..i'm honoured to called it the coolest TESL NITE 2009..ngee~~

with the theme 'Arabian Masquerade', we astounded the show with various kind of performances..Arabotic Modern Dance from The Gusar, Alamak! I've Fallen in Love from my beloved COhort 1 teamates, singing, drama and finally gift exchange...(thanks to yvonne cohort 2 for da splendid egg a.k.a candle holder..luv it!..)..huhu...

and not to forget, I'm a part of the crew!!..yeah..for da first time after two years..under technical and logistic crew...hehe..thanks Cohort 3 Teyl for da impressive management and not to forget juniors Cohort 2 and PI group for da support...

we rawk the show..COHORT 1 MaCquarie..

the teams..with colourful costumes and masks..

the girls with their superb choreographer..haha

and finally before mid-sem hols..we turned into.....Pre-MERDEKA CELEBRATION campaign!!!...

as it's August and we can call it Bulan Merdeka, each classes need to come out with their own flag for this upcoming Merdeka celebration..and TESOL 3 also settle on not missing in the action..

one family...one nation..yeah..1 Malaysia...

one for all and all for one..TESOL 3 maintain the best among all..yeah!...
then it ended with celebrating the holy month, Ramadhan al-mubarak...and here, i would like to t8 this chance to wish all muslims dat love to tune in with this blog 'Happy Ramadhan' and insyaAllah, make full use of it..after a month, it's RAYA!!..(nk pomote burfday gawk..)
till then..adieu~~~


Anonymous said...

no wonder lah u x kasik2 my edited pics,bz sangat eh.
have a nice ramadhan :)

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

no lah..
have done wit urs
but only 1 ma..
have nice ramadhan...
t dawh balik malaysia, gimme a call bebeyh!..

kacipcrew said...

haha... jatuh saham aku met... nama aku pidi bukey pi okek??

2,3 kali ak tgk gamba sedim tu.. lama2 ak nampak farid bajet comel.. xtau bakpo

Anonymous said...

eh mana mana?
nak nak nak!
okeyh kalau maseh gunakan no lama

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

sowi2..typing error..hehe
ak tau d, mg nk oyat farid n kamoo chumil aite?

oyeah gurl..
later k..hehe..

lyana aqilah said...

org ini sgt jahat xmao include muka saya disini =[

wit reference to ur "pomot bufday",
igt ek a week b4 bdae kamoo ade org len yg akan smbut bdae beliau :))

opps!u dun hear this from me :p

syamansor said...

happy fasting yus;)

spt orang lain,
i admire ur skills in editing pics

Alynn CY said...

pdn la lm gle die nk kuakan satu post!
orang nk test skills in editing pics la katakan..
tp xpew..nsb lawa..
bak kata orang,bia lmbt asal bkualiti..ecccey..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

lyana aqilah:
saya xjahat..saya baek~
adew burfaday org laen ek?
xleh celebrate, raye t bru besh
1 whole world gonna clbr8 it wit me...huhu~

sya mansor:
thanks sya..
it's a amuse compliment there..
im blushing~~

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

alynn cy:
yes dear..plus mls nk tulis satu2 post
esement pom prestasi kurang
kre berkualiti la post i ni?

Alynn CY said...

amboi..ckenye die
t i wat cmtu lah..
sebln sekali br taruk satu post..
i mls nk edit gmbau..
i rajen..
rajen menulis..kiki

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

ye..u suke menulis..
i suke edit..
so i edit ur pic, then u publish
bru mutual gtuh..