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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

..DoeS it CovEr ALL togEthEr?..

long time nutin' been post in this wonderful colourful blog, thus, here it goes with several edited pichas of wats going in and on of a life as a 'chekgu' named LABU..oooyeah!!..this edited pichas i dedicated to those peeps that ter'include' in it..haha..

and first it start with.....RAWKINGS @ SEDIM WATERFALL...yahuuuuuuuuu..

we started with persuading gjol (our diva coursemate) to join the trip to sedim since few of us never been there yet..with gjol's spectacular GEn-2, we drove to Sedim Waterfall in Kulim for the first time..in the crew: Diva GjoL, Pidi Kacipcrew, Farid, hAPiz and i..

gjol, apiz, pd and the Gen-2..hehe:P

pergh...it's SEDIM!!..haha

yeah..it's freakin' brutal yaw!..haha..

second..ONe NitE sTand @ GURNEY PLAZA......yaiy!!!:D

due to consequences of s0-called-innocent Farid, who didnt have the guts to 'tipu' uncle saad, ( our blameless pak guard), so we have to wait outside till the gates re-open back at 530a.m..so we called it one nite stand in penang...yeah...

karaoke-ing for 24songs, lepaking at mamu's burger stall, drive thru all around penang till subuh..and early breakfast at Gurney plaza's McDonald before make brainless freaking pose along the road..ermm.. i mean persiaran Gurney..aaauuwww......haha..

coffee or tea?..yucks..hate black coffee..hehe..

early McD breakfast..and yet, we r da 1st customer...haha..

5 bersaudara..

cover album: f***king stylo..haha

and the best pose goes to...KAMI yang CHUMIL!!..haha

thirdly..i'm honoured to called it the coolest TESL NITE 2009..ngee~~

with the theme 'Arabian Masquerade', we astounded the show with various kind of performances..Arabotic Modern Dance from The Gusar, Alamak! I've Fallen in Love from my beloved COhort 1 teamates, singing, drama and finally gift exchange...(thanks to yvonne cohort 2 for da splendid egg a.k.a candle holder..luv it!..)..huhu...

and not to forget, I'm a part of the crew!!..yeah..for da first time after two years..under technical and logistic crew...hehe..thanks Cohort 3 Teyl for da impressive management and not to forget juniors Cohort 2 and PI group for da support...

we rawk the show..COHORT 1 MaCquarie..

the teams..with colourful costumes and masks..

the girls with their superb choreographer..haha

and finally before mid-sem hols..we turned into.....Pre-MERDEKA CELEBRATION campaign!!!...

as it's August and we can call it Bulan Merdeka, each classes need to come out with their own flag for this upcoming Merdeka celebration..and TESOL 3 also settle on not missing in the action..

one family...one nation..yeah..1 Malaysia...

one for all and all for one..TESOL 3 maintain the best among all..yeah!...
then it ended with celebrating the holy month, Ramadhan al-mubarak...and here, i would like to t8 this chance to wish all muslims dat love to tune in with this blog 'Happy Ramadhan' and insyaAllah, make full use of it..after a month, it's RAYA!!..(nk pomote burfday gawk..)
till then..adieu~~~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

..SK Sri InDaH RaWkS!!!..

the day that we are waiting for..it's School Experience (SE) time!!!!...

Usaha itu Jaya-1997

when da first step into this two-building school block of SK Sri Indah, it amuses my colleagues and I as we're gonna be here for 2 weeks!!!..the first day goes smoothly as we are introduced by the super dupper coll HM, Mr. Ramtar Khan to the rest of da school..(proud to be called 'cikgu' ) assembly, meeting with senior teachers and work on the tasks given..

Spectacular Sk Sri IndaH, Ayer Itam, Penang

2 weeks of struggling wasting time benefically in this skoll, lotsa lotsa lotsa things i've learnt..with the help of my bunch of future English teacherzzz crews..

me: practically thinking what kind of teacher dat i'll be next..hehe..

sir afiq: who has lotsa ideas..

sir faiz: the one who rocks laicikang shows!!

miss maizureen: the most popular SE teacher in town!..haha..
(she do have a fan club here)

observed many classes, interviewed many senior english teachers, snap shooting pictures, and the most memorable things was, RELIEF CLASS!!!!!..hehe..

our 5Bestari..we played lotsa enjoyful games..laicikang especially..haha..

evrytime we got relief, it's like no other class..it's always gonna be 5 Bestari..but we have lotsa fun..from 'word formation' to 'simon says', from 'susu lembu' to 'laicikang', no doubt that they are gonna miss us..haha...

'Kolum' competition from year 4 Bestari..we unofficially involved in this event.

the innocent mockingbird twins, Shahrin & Shahriz..

most of the class observed are in a good control by the respective teachers..thanks to Kak Norita, Miss Nioh, Mdm Janagi, Mdm Jothimani, Miss Maheswari and others..u guys rock!!!..

Pra sekolah Ayu Ceria-from left: Danial, Hakim, and Naim..

kinda surprise me when Naim can recite a poem "Ayah dan Ibu" without any single mistakes..Holy cow!! this kids rawks the class..haha..

many things i've learnt from it..actually this post was done during free time at our bilik kaunseling..haha..and looking forward for the next SE..maybe in Sdyney...InsyaAllah..till then..adieu~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

..DumB dAmN PeNaNg HoLLiaU..

since da quarantine week so not very impressive though, six of us spending kinda sweetie meetie times at Penang Hill..Pictures speak for thousand words..so, t8 a lOok at these picas that actually was edited for the purpose of COVER ALBUM..haha..

Cover Album: 'UNTITLED'

Cover Album : 'R&B and Soul'

Cover Album: 'Fussion JAzz'

Cover album 'Pop Alternative'

Cover Album: 'Punk Rock'

Cover Album : 'Blues'

Cover Album: 'Hip Hop'

Cover Album: 'Country'

Cover Album: 'Electronic Radio Edit'

Cover Album: ALL GENRES..

do edit for free..now in the process of editing picas for my bestie, eilaculex..till then, adeiu biu~~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

..1st dAy of QuaRantiNe..KONVOi LAgoOn..

It started with woke up at 730am since we were supposed to be 'quarantined' due to H1N1..damn!..i want my SE back!..rempit to SK Seri Indah to return back Miss NIoh's book of Lesson plan and informing the coolest HM, Mr Ramtar Khan for our absentee..

then, my tall dark good-looking colleague apiz a.k.a Pak Tam asked "jom g air terjun batu hampar..naek muto rama2"..wow!..dats seems interesting since nutin' much i can do with this 'damn week quarantine'..haha..it's mean KONVOI!!!!..never in my life being travel out of this island in group..now what i can call "super damn rawks quarantine week!!!"..

together with funniest teammates of PISMP, started the trip of 6 bikes around 3pm..all the way across two states (Kedah n Perak)..exactly 440pm we reached there..thanks to acap that lead us to the fascinating waterfall..uuuuuuuuu yeah!!!!..

mesmerizing batu hampar waterfall
paktam, sabu, farid, si labu capek..

sliding down da' rocks..

pergh...kinda tiring swimming in..pack our stuffs around 645pm, moved to perform asar prayer and fill in sort-of empty stomach at the foodcourt nearby..i can say it was delicious 'yong tau fu' in town..hehe...

the nite still young, riding ourselvs to Karaoke center..gosh..together under 1 roof with RElau n BJ karaoke house rupenyer...but damn shit..it's rm1.20/songs...siap adew limit 10 songs/room..so i took Biarlah by Nidji and Karma by Cokelat..

next, heading to Acap's house in changkat jering..oh GOd!..free dinner!!!..hehe...very well treated by his famly..his cute mute little bro, akiq made us dun wanna to sleep..haha..lawaking throughout the nite, unconciously zzzzz.......oit..sapew berdengkur nih!..babeng tol!..haha..

woke up,get prepared for breakfast..and adieu to a place of unsecure, IPGM Penang Campus..haha..

special thanks to:

  • konvoi teammates :sabu,hairul amin, duan', keyi, mike,
    faizal, wan, apiz, farid, and amin..
  • acap & his fmly for da proper homestay, dner and breakfast..
  • wan for da ride..
  • abg yong tau fu..for da' marvelous yong tau fu in town
  • anyone unofficially in da list..haha..:P