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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

..SK Sri InDaH RaWkS!!!..

the day that we are waiting for..it's School Experience (SE) time!!!!...

Usaha itu Jaya-1997

when da first step into this two-building school block of SK Sri Indah, it amuses my colleagues and I as we're gonna be here for 2 weeks!!!..the first day goes smoothly as we are introduced by the super dupper coll HM, Mr. Ramtar Khan to the rest of da school..(proud to be called 'cikgu' ) assembly, meeting with senior teachers and work on the tasks given..

Spectacular Sk Sri IndaH, Ayer Itam, Penang

2 weeks of struggling wasting time benefically in this skoll, lotsa lotsa lotsa things i've learnt..with the help of my bunch of future English teacherzzz crews..

me: practically thinking what kind of teacher dat i'll be next..hehe..

sir afiq: who has lotsa ideas..

sir faiz: the one who rocks laicikang shows!!

miss maizureen: the most popular SE teacher in town!..haha..
(she do have a fan club here)

observed many classes, interviewed many senior english teachers, snap shooting pictures, and the most memorable things was, RELIEF CLASS!!!!!..hehe..

our 5Bestari..we played lotsa enjoyful games..laicikang especially..haha..

evrytime we got relief, it's like no other class..it's always gonna be 5 Bestari..but we have lotsa fun..from 'word formation' to 'simon says', from 'susu lembu' to 'laicikang', no doubt that they are gonna miss us..haha...

'Kolum' competition from year 4 Bestari..we unofficially involved in this event.

the innocent mockingbird twins, Shahrin & Shahriz..

most of the class observed are in a good control by the respective teachers..thanks to Kak Norita, Miss Nioh, Mdm Janagi, Mdm Jothimani, Miss Maheswari and others..u guys rock!!!..

Pra sekolah Ayu Ceria-from left: Danial, Hakim, and Naim..

kinda surprise me when Naim can recite a poem "Ayah dan Ibu" without any single mistakes..Holy cow!! this kids rawks the class..haha..

many things i've learnt from it..actually this post was done during free time at our bilik kaunseling..haha..and looking forward for the next SE..maybe in Sdyney...InsyaAllah..till then..adieu~


kacipcrew said...

bila masa mu edit gamba eh

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

edit kt skolah
time boring2 xde keje..

anak pak man said...

SE kat sidney?

tgk muka bdak2 hepi, tersenyum sejenak keseorangan.. huhu

siCipot said...

weh x aja lgu "jmbatan goyang2" ke?

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

anak pakman:
not really SE..according to Pam,
it's only skol visit aite there
but im looking forward for their learning method dat actually differ from us.

kecik si cipot:
jambatan goyang2 xbesh..
year 1 bleh la..huhu..

alynn cy said...

wah.ni da salah gne masa ni.
jap i report kat GB u..hehe
looks like ur having in school esp ble kne seat-in..
dnga u cte cm besh je msk kelas, but then i remember that im in a boys school..
so i tink i rather stay in the library, daydreaming or finish up other work than entering the class.
kang xpasal ade lg dak kasi surat chenta utk cikgu izzati neh.
t ade lak org ssh ati kan?haha..
well, the time is over for u.
i plak esk..
it's a very interesting xperience rite dear?
pasni,siapkan portfolio lak.
mari kawan-kawan!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

the end of SE...
kinda sad xde bgun awal2 pg alut nk g skool..hehe..
cikgu izatti mmg chumil, dats y la ramai skozol boys minat..huhu..
it's time for report..

neohalis said...

Ho3x...ni skolah masa aku SBE dulu. Skolah ni ok ler, kalo cikgu sains mesti suka. Makmal dy aku bg 5 star, radas byk. Tp budak susah ckit, lbey2 ag kalo cikgu mesyuarat. Cikgu praktikum kena jaga skolah. Hu3x....

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

haha...mkml sains xde mende pom
berhabuk adew la
nsb time ktorg SE,xde chkgu nk meeting
but ckgu nak beranak adew...
but relief class syok dow..smpai dpt present ae dr students..hehe

faiz ck said...

so cool..
best la!!!!!!!!!