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Saturday, August 1, 2009

..1st dAy of QuaRantiNe..KONVOi LAgoOn..

It started with woke up at 730am since we were supposed to be 'quarantined' due to H1N1..damn!..i want my SE back!..rempit to SK Seri Indah to return back Miss NIoh's book of Lesson plan and informing the coolest HM, Mr Ramtar Khan for our absentee..

then, my tall dark good-looking colleague apiz a.k.a Pak Tam asked "jom g air terjun batu hampar..naek muto rama2"..wow!..dats seems interesting since nutin' much i can do with this 'damn week quarantine'..haha..it's mean KONVOI!!!!..never in my life being travel out of this island in group..now what i can call "super damn rawks quarantine week!!!"..

together with funniest teammates of PISMP, started the trip of 6 bikes around 3pm..all the way across two states (Kedah n Perak)..exactly 440pm we reached there..thanks to acap that lead us to the fascinating waterfall..uuuuuuuuu yeah!!!!..

mesmerizing batu hampar waterfall
paktam, sabu, farid, si labu capek..

sliding down da' rocks..

pergh...kinda tiring swimming in..pack our stuffs around 645pm, moved to perform asar prayer and fill in sort-of empty stomach at the foodcourt nearby..i can say it was delicious 'yong tau fu' in town..hehe...

the nite still young, riding ourselvs to Karaoke center..gosh..together under 1 roof with RElau n BJ karaoke house rupenyer...but damn shit..it's rm1.20/songs...siap adew limit 10 songs/room..so i took Biarlah by Nidji and Karma by Cokelat..

next, heading to Acap's house in changkat jering..oh GOd!..free dinner!!!..hehe...very well treated by his famly..his cute mute little bro, akiq made us dun wanna to sleep..haha..lawaking throughout the nite, unconciously zzzzz.......oit..sapew berdengkur nih!..babeng tol!..haha..

woke up,get prepared for breakfast..and adieu to a place of unsecure, IPGM Penang Campus..haha..

special thanks to:

  • konvoi teammates :sabu,hairul amin, duan', keyi, mike,
    faizal, wan, apiz, farid, and amin..
  • acap & his fmly for da proper homestay, dner and breakfast..
  • wan for da ride..
  • abg yong tau fu..for da' marvelous yong tau fu in town
  • anyone unofficially in da list..haha..:P


kacipcrew said...

ya.. itulah hari saya dota dari bangun tidor sampai tidur semula.. hak3

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

ceh..xtvt x berfaedah
org ajok xse g..
kang duk sowang2
in quarantine week nih..huhu..

The Exquisite Instigator said...

seemed like u guys had tons of fun :) good for u~ :)

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

pakai mask laa!!!
xdgr kata btol budak ni..
haha :D

MohdIzwan said...

gud activities...

pencari sejati said...

aktiviti yg sgt berfaedah...

korg g air terjun batu hampar?
yg dekat dgn tassik tue ker?

air terjun di perak mmg bez...
hahaha (promote perak plak)

selamat bercuti BABY..hehehe

alynn cy said...

ni mmg xleh jadi ni!
kitorg gak stuck dlm mgu kuarantin yg x cam kuarantin neh..
nway..mende da jd..
nk watpe lg..
gud 4 u la..
at least u hav some actvities to do..
unlike us, mmg xleh kua lgsg dr kmpus..nk mrayap ke mn pn xleh..
xpew2..jnji xyah ganti..hahah
nway dear..tk care!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

yup..looking forward for more~..hehe

org pakai lm penang je la
g perak no need..

yup..boring duk cni je

pencari sejati:
dekat ngn tasik gawk kot
xsure ah..
xyah nk pomote perak..
kg ak pom kt ctuh gawk..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

sory la dear
seems ur ipg more strict than us
if bleh balik pom,abes duet tket t
xpew2..u hav tones of hwork to do
so better backup ol those tings
way to go dear!..
miss u :D