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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOw tO Love A PeRsON???...

since my friend asked me one critical question, i cant stop thinking this weirdy thinggy ( actually i can stop it..huhu)..."how to love a person"?..is it just showing politeness and take a good care of his/her??..or just promising her with thousand sweet words?..what bout giving her a teddy bear for valentine?..or have a date on exclusive restaurant?..

then i replied..it's all depends to the couple..they know what's the best for them and for sure dude, u know what's da best for both of u..aite?

and that time we were tune in to hitz.fm on9..and this song really really match with this 'so-called big question mark" question..and it was "HOW YOU LOVE ME NOW by HEY MONDAY"..they rawk!!..

How You Love Me Now-Hey Monday

Save it for her
I'm not gonna hear
Your reasons and please-just-take-me-backs
We never were right
Don't waste your breath
You crashed and you're on your own tonight

Can't understand?
I'll slow it down for you

Tell me how can you sleep?
How can you breathe?
Baby tell me how
How you love me now
Whoa oh
Whoa oh oh
Tell me how can you sleep?
How can you breathe?
I hate when you say
How you love me now

*that just piece of lyrics that i think it's really really into u bro..haha..kiddin' dude:P

to my dear friend, dont be upset..it'll worth for cha when it's the time for you to love an being love..God's willing..and dunt forget my levis' jeans from US yaw!!..haha..

*they remind me of Paramore..isnt it?


Alynn CY said...

u replied wit dat answer??
wa..so flattering~
er..i br bgn tdo ni..nk sahur..so..
a bit blank2 here..hehe
urm..i tink i comment bout it later..
hehe =P

chris@dotagaki said...

cewah... nice post ;)

anak pak man said...

Yeah, like paramore, only less dark..
woo! woooo!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

alynn cy:
actually, dunno wat to say..
so i kasi he listen to this song..
yea..so flattering..haha...

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...


anak pak man:
paramore got red hair vocalist..
but both of them rawk in their own way...

colorless said...

paramore and hey monday!
serupa tp xsama

Wan Pai said...

to love a person is to give the best for that person,kot..

Alynn CY said...

there's a thousand answer for ur fwen's question la dear..
tp u bg jwpn slamat..hehe

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

yup..but the music much similar though..

wan pai:
erm..could be pai..
or mybe sumtimes we bertepuk only for a hand..
for not being love in return..haha...

alynn cy:
play safe much better
im not expert either in this case..

Wan Pai said...

to love someone is already a bless,to be loved is another thing..

Wan Pai said...

u've been tagged..

Anonymous said...

sweet words remains sweet words..meaning is another thing