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Monday, March 29, 2010

1st update of 2010

almost 3 months away from blogger world, now i come back to share something dat i still dunno wat it is..haha..
being asked to update the blog for trillion times, finally i give up..yeah..update blog!!!

almost 2 months in sydney, lotsa thing change the perspective of the world..but still
1 thing i shall never forget, missing the 'sunrise' in malaysia...hehe..

she's my sunlight..no matter day or night..

I miss you,I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while
And even though it's different now
You're still here somehow
my heart won't let you go
And I need you to know
I miss you..yeah
I miss you

missing home..tuesday 30th march 2010..1745pm

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i've Got ThE fEeLing..

the feeling of out of dumb damn exam

hoping for the best in return

with no hope of satisfaction

but a "pass" in sense of guilt...

for not strive for the best...

i've got the feeling...yes...a feeling...

pray to God for a chance..

to make a better life..hope..love..and bless...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Fallin' in KL...uuuuyeaahhh...

mum's calling:
mum: kelik dowp cuti deepavali nih?
yus : malas la mok..kelik meta dowp pom..abis pitis jah..
mum: then, g kolumpo la..g open house abe atta..wak timah n wak toha pom ado..
yus: yolo??...nak g KL ah lagu tuh..hehe...

since it was 4 days breaks (deepavali), nutin' much to do, tup2..KL yukkkk!!!.....hehe
together with my kak yong, kak ngah, n abang to abg atta's new house in subang..(abg atta = our cousin from abah's side)..tup2 silap masuk highway..i was complaining that..

my luvely sista:kak ngah n kak yong

"subang subang je la..ni x, nak Kampung Subang la,Bukit Subang la, tensen tol..(even though im not the driver..hahaha..siot tol).."

then abg zaki non stop mumbling "kan senang adew GPS..haha"
klu la GPS singgit dua xpew gawk..adei..

dat nite kua g jalan2 at downtown danau kota..just relaxing the eyes with half price goodies...haha..then, dpt mkn "nasi ayam lemom" at pak li's kopitiam..beeesshhhh~~

nasi ayam lemon..hehe

thanks to my lovely kak yong for da treat..hehe.lurve yaw!~~
dats ol for now..dawh lame save post nih..xde mase nk publish..


Friday, October 16, 2009

to KOKO bEaR..wish to post earlier...

Since long time never been celebrating burfday with collegues, now it's paad a.k.a koko bear's turn...
as he turning into 19, so few friends and i decided to have this kinda small party celebration at mamu's burger stall...

paad @ baby @ koko bear blew out the candle..haha

the guys in action..kih..kih..kuh..kuh..

after watched "papadom" at Queensbay Mall, hilmi, afiq, chris, amir and i walked around the mall to find present for the koko bear..at last, it ended up with nutin'..haha..
got a phone call from farah (paad's cute little gf) asking help to take burfday cake from King's..since we already have 1 cake, so we decide to have another cake called "MAMU's BURGER CAKE"...

super duper mamu's burger cake!..

thanks to mamu for da cake..it wasnt a big deal for mamu as he is the best tauke burger in penang..hehe...and our recipe is joint up of:-
  • 2 double daging burger
  • 2 double ayam burger
  • piece of salad
  • eggs - for the nicely wrapper..(like n.goreng pattaya dow)
  • funky decoration of black pepper sauce and chili sauce...

so, we had this wonderfull small birthday party for our little brother baby..since the next day was sunday, we decided to rawk on for kareoke stuff...haha...
pergh..such a freaking interesting nite..balik2..tdow....

not in the list + reason :-
  • gjol sebab balik umah at Kamunting
  • razeen - kene curfew..hehe
  • apiz - balik umah mak mentua..hehe
till then..adieu amigue~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm..a AmaTuRe PhoTogRapHer ..

announcing..the super dupper glamourous RAYA FEST 2009..kindly brought to u by TESOL COHORT 1 MacQuarie..uuuuyeah!!!

this year is our cohort's turn to rock on the responsibility to handle such event called 'raya fest' that officially apart from English yearly event.. after two year celebrating the raya fest at 'historical' gelangara, now '1 transformasi telah berlaku'...haha..
this year, we have it at CITITEL HOTEL Penang on 5th OCTober 2009!!!

introducing the head of this event..the chubby project manager: HILMI FUAD..
big thanks to hilmi and the crew for putting up big effort in making this an enjoy full event after all...

since i have a crush on this thinggy called DSLR, so i've tried to make a starting point in exploring it..huh..reckon it was bad enouf either.. nutin much to say, here some recaps of photo on what happened on that nite...jeng..jeng..jeng..

the organiser: COHORT 1 MACQUARIE..


da seniors: COHORT 3 TEYL + COHORT 5 TEYL

juniors: COHORT 3 PI

from left: dato' M. Nasir Fuad, YB JB Afiq, kacipcrew, Ah pheik..haha

say SALAM to DUNIA..

gila cermin + gila lensa..hahA..

auuwww..the GUSARRZZZ....

yus: jap..muke Bunkface..haha
pidi: xmo2.muke skema + chumil..huhu

till the end, we from the organiser would like to dedicate speacial thanks to :
  • COHORT 1 MACQUARIE for the cooperations
  • COHORT 2 MACQUARIE for da great support
  • COHORT 3 & COHORT 5 TEYL for da colloboration
  • CITITEL HOTEL PENANG and the crew for da splendid dinner and ballroom
  • uncle bala and uncle kamal for da transport..(it's raining heavily though..)
  • all the lecturers for supporting this event..(Mr. Ganesan, Mr. Zul, Mdm Salmah, Miss Malar)
  • RUmah Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak Pulau Pinang
  • Tretchan for da DSLR..(i owe u SR)..hehe..
  • and da rest of peeps who involve directly or indirectly in making this Raya Fest 2009 a wonderful event after all...
till then..adieu~

it's Not WaY to Late..

i think it's not way to late to post sumting bout raya..
seems da internet connection some kind of 'brutal hard core' to upload picas in this blog, so i hav to wait for another some times to continue for it..
here it begins, the first day of raya.. on 2oth september 2009....

clockwise from left: kak ngah, kak yong, abang, yus, amin, abe mail, adik ada, awie

kinda excited coz im 2o!!!..
yeah..im 20 years old on the 20th of september 2009 (20/09) of the year 2009...
great combination of number huh?..hehe:P

credit to umi for amusing cake..hehe

a week break at dearest hometown, celebrating eid with family and other relatives
plus done with assignments.haha..

it's 11th october edy, but methink it's not to late to wish all muslims


till then, adieu~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOw tO Love A PeRsON???...

since my friend asked me one critical question, i cant stop thinking this weirdy thinggy ( actually i can stop it..huhu)..."how to love a person"?..is it just showing politeness and take a good care of his/her??..or just promising her with thousand sweet words?..what bout giving her a teddy bear for valentine?..or have a date on exclusive restaurant?..

then i replied..it's all depends to the couple..they know what's the best for them and for sure dude, u know what's da best for both of u..aite?

and that time we were tune in to hitz.fm on9..and this song really really match with this 'so-called big question mark" question..and it was "HOW YOU LOVE ME NOW by HEY MONDAY"..they rawk!!..

How You Love Me Now-Hey Monday

Save it for her
I'm not gonna hear
Your reasons and please-just-take-me-backs
We never were right
Don't waste your breath
You crashed and you're on your own tonight

Can't understand?
I'll slow it down for you

Tell me how can you sleep?
How can you breathe?
Baby tell me how
How you love me now
Whoa oh
Whoa oh oh
Tell me how can you sleep?
How can you breathe?
I hate when you say
How you love me now

*that just piece of lyrics that i think it's really really into u bro..haha..kiddin' dude:P

to my dear friend, dont be upset..it'll worth for cha when it's the time for you to love an being love..God's willing..and dunt forget my levis' jeans from US yaw!!..haha..

*they remind me of Paramore..isnt it?