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Monday, June 15, 2009

..PieCe of sO - caLLEd - WorK?..

DuN HaVe Time to work on the blog..pretty bustle with tone of work and now i can announce it "so-called-over"..hehe..im checking up my blog and bolt from the blue dat i only got 1 post in JUne by now..haha...then with the demand from my so-cute-bute-mute-tuttt lovely cousin, i've come out with this post!..huh!..(it's compliment anies..hehe:P)

waking up early in the morning to work, get myself prepared to sleep for another 5minutes on comfy cozy bed but suddenly..ADEII!!!..mende nih??..a big black boom boom poow pillow strucked on me!.."oit!..bgun la..g mandi..papa marah t!.." the sound of my lovely cousin buzzed on my ears.."yela, nak bgun la nie..suh papa g lu, t ak follow.."haha...da same routine everyday (except Friday + weekend)..

my luvely cousin craping on phone with her BF..adei..keje xmo..

due to this sizzling howt 3 weeks hols, spending time at cameron highlands was da regular activities on my list-to-do..working + holidaying + working + lepaking + sort of ing2..hehe..

F.O.C self-plucking strawbery..in time having some for breakfast..haha..

da besh thing here was, i can pluck da strawberries by my own!!..free of charge! (credit to Liton, da banglanese who work on da fascinating strawberi farm dat belong to Ari, mcm la korg kenal..haha)..those strawberies not for us, but for sale.. some will undergo da process of strawbery jam-home-made by my great uncle!..idup paman!!..hehe

seems it is fun to see, but indeed letih wooo...plus da best thing was i go to bed by 10pm!!!..haha..and da next day will be sort of da same with another..what a life!..
but i do love this job!..instead of getting my extra pocket money, i also had a chance to drive naza ria and toyota vios!..wow!..cool isn't it!..haha..(auto bleh la..)

toyoto vios..always like no other..hehe..

with this post dat actually being suggested by her (my adorable-to-be cousin..) here da song dat she likes for the time being..so i dedicated this for u kazenque..Anies CutE!..

You look so beautiful today
When you're sitting there it's hard for me to look away
So i try to find the words that i could say
I know distance doesn't matter but you feel so far away
And I cant lie
Every time I leave my heart turns gray
And I want to come back home to see your face
And I
Cause I just cant take it

Another day without you with me
Is like a blade that cuts right through me
But I can wait
I can wait forever
When you call my heart stops beating
When you're gone it wont stop bleeding
But I can wait
I can wait forever

get rid of hectic life, enjoy the time left for hols..till then, adieu beu..:P


kacipcrew said...

xsabar nk makan jem weh..... wakkaka

anak pak man said...

krirm sini sama ya?
good for u, u had a good holidae..

alynn cy said...

hey dear..
at least u keje k..
i pom xtaw i wat pe je cuti neh..
drama hamlet pn i xbc2 lg neh..
adei..kompem kne ketuk ngan lectrer la jwbnye t..haha
nway..da xsmpai smggu da cuti..
kta enjoy!

siCipot said...

weng3~ nk jem lg unos!!!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

ak xbwk ae jem kowt..berat beg weh..

anak pak man:
thanks..saving for educational purposes..haha...

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

alynn cy:
gud for u, u hav sumting to read..haha...
few days left, make use of it..
next sem is gonna be tough for u guys as LIT student..jd Shakespeare la u..hehe..

si cipot:
jem xde stock..t ak order..jem import overseas, besela..haha..

WiDa said...

nk gak strawberi!!!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

strawberi xde stock..

shasha_iffa said...

kacak gile si encik strwbery :p

alynn cy said...

i jd shakespeare??
sik mok kamek..hehe
aritu musim buah strwberry kat TESCO taw..
murah je..kurang dr 5 ringgit..
so i da puas telan stwberry..hehe
u kne cr buah amra lak since u da tuka pnempatan u..hehe

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

wokeh shasha cumil..
i t8 it s a compliment..haha...

alynn cy:
haha..mcm la adew blok strawberry kt penang nih..huhu..
amra pom jadilah..asal bleh bilik
t u kene help me up punggah all the stuffs..haha...

alynn cy said...

leh je..i tolong kubang brg u..ok x??ahax

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

it's really helpful of u..haha
big THANKS then..:P