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Monday, June 29, 2009

..AiN't No OtHer..it"s B.Ed TESOL..

Early of NEW semester.. semester 2 for the 1st year degree..Major in B.Ed TESOL..and now, moving step forward closer to the spectacular "Macquarie University" where in plan, 58 of us will go..God's Will..

tHe Only TruLy DepT_LanGUagE DEPT.

Always like usual, new semester, new hopes, new resolutions, new targets, new lecturers and most crucial of all, NEW SUBJECTS!!!...


this subject sort of focus on the method of English Language Teaching. credit hours = 3hours/week..mass lecture if not mistaken on every Monday..hehe..this subjects will gonna be fun with new faces of lecturers like Mr.Goh, Mdm CHoong See Yong, and Mdm Yasmin..and not to forget, this subject is in the list of the final exam..pergh!!..wish it's not gonna be taugher than Linguistic..hehe..


for this subject, we're gonna touch bout on how to control the classroom. since we are a bunch of 'Future English Teacher', thus we need to know in deep bout this..3hours/ week..together with our respective Head of Dept. Mr. Jamal, Mdm Maria and Mr.Retnakumar..not to forget, we will have our 'School Experince (SE)' sumwhere in end of July..wish can have it in own hometown, but Praktikum Unit sort of wanna 'pantau' all of us..want it or not, we will slaughter all the school kiddies in penang..hahaha!!!...


this subject for me is the complicated subject of all..not really sure bout the content, but the coordinator, cutie mutie Mdm Soo Hoo..hoho..scary~~..luckily TESOL 3 with Mdm Joyce ONg..hehe..same like other subjects, 3hours/week, also one of the list for final exam..and annotated bibliography to be observed by Dr. Pamela..hope it's not gonna be me..ameen..more on the learning of children..advantage for us since we have the basic theories of educationist in Human Development in sem 1.


the content in Malay, but bit on history..focus on the various races and ethnics in Malaysia.. good to have Mr. Roslan with us, sharing the concept of living as a Malaysians..2hours/week and the most important part is..NO EXAM!!!..hehe..


yeay!!!..we got Ustaz Rijaluddin in the house..learning the concept of civilazation..NO EXAM!!..it's good to see ustaz learn to speak english mixing with arab..hehe..and im gonna remember 'tracia', 'siera' and 'swan school bag' till' the reunion next..hehe.

*gonna be out for 5-days tiring BTN camp at manong, perak..adei~


alynn cy said...

wa..da kua list subjek nmpknye dear..
hehe..sume sm je xcept kitorg xde subjek "learning and the learner" tuh..BUT..we have our LIT..xaci2!!!!
nway,one sem to go..

kacipcrew said...

muahah.. babi ah btn

MohdIzwan said...

Classroom management would be fun...
ELT would make u know better about classroom..(best sbjct nie)
Hubungan etnik pon ok...but a bit bored because related to history n so on...(dun really like facts)
dun hv idea for learning and the leaner...
Titas pon best jgk.. :)

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

alynn cy:
ok wat LIt..at least u master 'sonnet' than we are..hehe..
one more sem to go..all da best
for both of us..:P

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

at least we wil get free stuff for 5 days in a row..save bdget..hehe

learning and the learner under dpet pendidikan..
gud to have all those subjects..
plus, only elt n LL r gonna be in final exam list..thanks GOd..

siCipot said...

haha yus.
thnx God coz only LL n elt gonna be in final?
okeyh fine.thnx God!
but LL is killer!

anak pak man said...

what? no social studies ah??

alynn cy said...

ya rite...
LIT la killer paper for dis sem!huhu
bny mende taruk dlm Lit ney..
ang lg xbesh..
100% coursework n 100% exam..
if exam fails, bye bye Otago even we pass our coursework taw..huhu
damn..kne pakse bc Hamlet gak neh..huh..
well..slmat g btn!
see u soon dear

aMieR_oDEn said...

cheh...dh stat sem baru upenyer dia...mcm best2 je paper ko sem ni..?eh titas ko belajar in english ker?bukan tu subjek MUR ker?kena blajar in malay kan...?

BTN is great...enjoy it!!!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

LL is gonna e da most killer of all..
with mdm SooHOO..hohoho...

anak Pak Man:
social studies is not in da list..
boring with exhibition dawh..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

alynn cy:
noe u can do it!
strive for it dear!..
damn good btn..but unlimited tired..

amir oden:
titas lam malay..esement xhau ae..
btn mmg besh!..hehe

Wan Pai said...


LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

thanks pai!