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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


case study: first week of hols..

my sony ericson W850i tinkled with Sean Kingston new single 'Fire Burning' sharp on 913am.."sapew la msg pagi2 buta nih?"..trying barely to find where my cute blacky handphone crying from..and it was under the bed!!!..adei..jatuh ae Labu nie!..mumbling to myself for not keeping Labu on the table...(Labu is my hp..haha..)"1 message from :01395*&^%$#'..opened it and gosh!!..adei...not again!..

"don't hang up, can we talk? so confused, it's like im lost.
what went wrong? what made you go? don't pretend you don't know..
this is me..Im unchangeable.."

can i call it 'sophisticated' or 'complicated?'

it's complicate
d to explain right now..but it's sort of hunting me for a long period of time!..arghh!!!!...

"it's been two years gurl..please.."

"im not hoping for one more chance.. but at least when u hear this song, it'll remind u of me..thanks for being good friends for couples of months.."

arghh!!!...i dun want ot blame her..but this is real life..and i dun want it to overcome me as a human being!..especially as a teenage boy in the phase of knowing the outside world..*ceh..kepoyoan btol!..(and now im start to blame HeR..adei)..get loose gurl..and maybe im not good enough for you..full bouquet of APOLOGISE..and i must say, it ends here......

yeap..i was blind..such a fool

Don't hang up, can we talk?
So confused, it's like I'm lost
What went wrong? What made you go?
Don't pretend you don't know
This is me, I?m unchangeable

When did we fall apart?
Or did you lie from the start?
When you said it?s only you
I was blind, such a fool
Thinking we were unbreakable

It was you and me against the world
And you promised me forever more
Was it something that I said?
Was it something that I did?
'Cause I gotta know what made me unbeautiful

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
?Cause I?m only dreamin'
Get out, get out, get out, get out
Get out of my head now
Because we're much better all together
Can't let go!

It was you and me against the world
And you promised me forever more
Was it something that I said?
Was it something that I did?
'Cause I gotta know what made me unbeautiful

big SORRY..adieu..


kacipcrew said...

ilek met ilek

alynn d sillyshopper said...

hehe..tol kate pd tuh..
tp cm sensitip gle lak u ngn isu ni..
er..xmo komen bny since u cte stgh br kat i..hehe
soh..im waiting~

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

ak ilek dowh nih..
cuti2 xleh emo..haha..

alynn d sillyshopper:
it just like sense of relation to the song..
plus, i luv dat song!..haha...
c im on9, buzz me then..wil continue next chapter..

anak pak man said...

rasa mcm xperlu komen jea..
tapi komen gak! haha

The Exquisite Instigator said...

dont get tangled up in this kay :) kmi, rkn kmu, sapot kmu :D

kacipcrew said...

asal rasa mcm aza nye komen xleh blah walaupun bunyi biase je?.. haha

siCipot said...

lek yus ilek...
huhu btol kata aza.
kami, rkn kamu, sapot kamu~

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

anak pak man:
erm..thanks for da commet yaw!..haha

wow..im speechless it comes from u!!..hehe...
idup azza!!..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

yep mate..sort of..haha

si cipot:
thanks chik..

athirah mohamed~ said...

takpe. takpe.

aku ada.

jom kita date.
tengok cite BLOOD~ the Last vampire.

ur treat owkeh.


*ceh. mengambil kesempatan di atas kesedihan Labu XD.

relek bu.
bunga bukan seekor.
nati carik awek Aussie owkeh.
lagi grand i tell you =D

alynn d sillyshopper said...

haha..tol ckp ur fren..
ala..small matter je neh..
ni labu kan..labu xkn sdey psl pmpuan..hahah..(labu+u,not ur hp ekh..haha)-->memandai wat conclusion)
anyway..kta enjoy!

arif_asan said...

jgn sdey2 ye..Abe kan ade hahaha..
rilek la wei, hg kn Si Ujang yg ganazz..
i noe u can handle dis bro.. =)

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

yaw tret..im not looking forward to her either..hahaha..

awek aussie?..u tell me adew mualaf kt sane dowp?..hehe...

alynn d sillyshopper:
im not sad..i've told cha..
it's just kepandaian dat come across in my mind while writing this post..hehe...
enjoy sepahkn brg org..haha..

thanks for da support bro.
ujang mmg ganaz..but LaBU is humble bumble..hoho...