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Monday, April 6, 2009

..heSiTaTe No MoRe..

Pheewwww....after a week struggling for assignmentsssssss and drama, finally, i have time for my own..astounding linguistic oral presentation, super duper philosophy presentation, miraculous science report and remarkable p.ramlee night....woooo...hectic aren't they?..so, last minutes plan after incredible 'tribute to pramlee night', my mates and i decided for a release tension activities.....finally, we decided to go to.....................LOST WORLD of TAMBUN!!!!...yeah!!!...

absolutely 'lost'...haha..

Woke up bit late coz' very excited last nite (jadi kassim selamat woo...haha)..get prepared and by 9+, we moved to ipoh~~journey almost take 2 hours..thanks to our 'howt and fabulous driver, gjol" for the nice trip..without wasting no more times, we 'splased..." into the pool..haha.(confirm la get changed first..)..

budies + posing = da' BOMB!!#$%&*@#..haha

Had lunch there and the food was absolutely nice..especially 'roti john toast + butter + garlic"..marvelous!..then continued splashing in 'hot spring'..haha..everyone was very 'excited', and afiq claimed that "it just like sauna..ahh~~~"..around 5pm+, we moved to ipoh for sight-seeing..(actually nk tgok set shooting 'Talentime' je..hehe)..

labu lost @ lostworld..

last shoot before leaving..*freaking POYO*

reached Penang around 9pm+..then dner at Subaidah..because of the next day was still weekend plus minyak kete banyak ae, we decided to go for KARAOKE!!!.....haha..karok2 for 22 songsss.. and all songs were 'TOP' songs...shouting and screaming like hurricane!!...wooo.....balik2, slept with satisfaction + contenment + excitement + overbudget..haha :D ~~~

bukit merah = DONE!
lost world tambun = DONE!
carnival sp = under consideration..haha..

to others,dunt be jealous hopefully..next week ke jerejak island!!..yeah!!


kacipcrew said...

u didn't mention u leave me a message at my ym -_-"

Anonymous said...

someone felt dizzy when we took a ride on a pirate ship

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

kacipcrew: lupew lak..mmg wan to put it on, but yesterday excited g qb..hohoh..shopping...dats y terlupe..hehe..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

yeay!!!im da 1 yg dizzy..really make me feel nk muntah..adei~...haha