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Sunday, April 26, 2009

..dAmn..it'S tHe HELL!!!...

Dude, dunno why suddenly feel like damn hell..kinda creeping in my mind dat there's no more misery and hates..only HELL!!..gosh!!..i wake up this morning, with a big smile on my face..
and it never feels out of place..
and you're still probably working at a 9 to 5 pace, i wonder how bad that taste.

When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

hahaha..really hate being dat 'one'..
Now you'll never see, what you've done to me..
You can take back your memories they're no good to me..

And here's all your lies, you can look me in the eyes..
With that sad sad look that you wear so well..

(- . -)
arghhh!!!....and im not going to HELL!!!...


kacipcrew said...

gapa dia ni rumet -_-"

boll said...

sure u can't imagine how damn the hell is!!!
talk to your angels...
they might choose the right path 4 u!!!
p/s: ni mesti over sgt tgk supernatural nieh ={

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

foster emo!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

kacipcrew: nutin' much to say..ni kan lagu fav kamoo.."give u HELL"..haha:D

boll: my, angel casteal outstation..hoho~

aryanna: no komen~

sya mansor said...

tpengaruh dgn skrip "emo sebentar" itukah?? hmm...

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

mmg berpengaruh script tuh..
it did give me hell, but only a few..

WiDa said...

i really love this song n ofcoz the lead...hehehe...The A.A.R...

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

yup..'All American Rejects"
and i hav downloaded full album of it..