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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ThaNks-tO-KecHiK__H.a.t.E.B.o.U.t .s.K.o.O.L..

Gonna be my last post in this year 2008..hope can write sumthing 'cool', but this one gonna be "PRETTY DAMN COOL"..hahhaa..'thanks' to kechik xbeshar2 for tagged me in..what i hate bout my previous skool?..nutin' much as i 'LURVE' my skool..muahhaha...

aim: Former Skool-MRSM JELI/pengkalan Chepa
mission: terminate it--> 4 things that i hate bout it..
result: @#$%&*%$#@

it has been a compulsory agenda for all of us in mrsm to have roll call neither morning or nite just to gather all the students to "hear--yeee" latest info or agendas running in and out the college..really hate it coz' sometimes we need to spend bout 3 hours for 1 reason-'^%$#@'..
i still remember when i was in F2, i did my revision for mock exam at the "so-love-car-park" during the 'roll call' ..muahahah..but thanks God i make it..

HatE Spot CHeck!!!..but sometimes i managed not to be penalised coz' I'm one of the LDP members..(Lembaga Disiplin Pelajar).muahaha...

for two years i did not manage to get an "A" in every test that i had done!..(except one or two,cant remember..huhu)...i have tried to "lurve" it but sometimes i got sUmting hurt in return..huhu..but Thanks God, i got "A2" in my spm..

@#$%^*&^# seniors..but not all, certain i mean..huhu..seniorita most of em' OK (such kak jen, kak naddy, kak chah, etc..).."ragging" for sure!!..dun wan to elaborate more on it, let it be history~~~~...hahaa...but for sure, I'M a GoOd SeNior..hahah..

x2Ly all above not really "hate", but it's more like a "humpty-dumpty things" during skooltime..
to anyone dat "ter" describe above, no offence ok..read it for pleasure..huhu...HaPPy New YeaR 20O9 everybody!!!.....toGetHer We RocK dA' New YeaR!!!!....