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Monday, December 15, 2008

tHe jOurNey Of SomEtHing New...

way to go guys..my frens inspire me a lot on spending boredoom hols by creating dis such a"ting"
huhu...the journey for sumting new shall begins...with ol da tings dat gonna be in my blog are about my journey dat i called "L.I.F.E".. music is interest coz they make me feel better..haha..KeEps GetTing BetTer...but for sure they come after my God Almighty..ameen...ameen..ameen...
beauty lies in the eys of beholder..and maself lies in maself..ahaks..gonna be sumebody???..yes i am!..
mohd yunos mohammad ayob..19..20sept1989..b.ed tesl twinning programme..enouf..hhuhu
cannot describe maself coz it depends to people on how they judge me..but da most important is..I LOVE MUSIC!!!!..because of her!

*btw,they call me "yus" a.k.a "LABU"..haha~~