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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm..a AmaTuRe PhoTogRapHer ..

announcing..the super dupper glamourous RAYA FEST 2009..kindly brought to u by TESOL COHORT 1 MacQuarie..uuuuyeah!!!

this year is our cohort's turn to rock on the responsibility to handle such event called 'raya fest' that officially apart from English yearly event.. after two year celebrating the raya fest at 'historical' gelangara, now '1 transformasi telah berlaku'...haha..
this year, we have it at CITITEL HOTEL Penang on 5th OCTober 2009!!!

introducing the head of this event..the chubby project manager: HILMI FUAD..
big thanks to hilmi and the crew for putting up big effort in making this an enjoy full event after all...

since i have a crush on this thinggy called DSLR, so i've tried to make a starting point in exploring it..huh..reckon it was bad enouf either.. nutin much to say, here some recaps of photo on what happened on that nite...jeng..jeng..jeng..

the organiser: COHORT 1 MACQUARIE..


da seniors: COHORT 3 TEYL + COHORT 5 TEYL

juniors: COHORT 3 PI

from left: dato' M. Nasir Fuad, YB JB Afiq, kacipcrew, Ah pheik..haha

say SALAM to DUNIA..

gila cermin + gila lensa..hahA..

auuwww..the GUSARRZZZ....

yus: jap..muke Bunkface..haha
pidi: xmo2.muke skema + chumil..huhu

till the end, we from the organiser would like to dedicate speacial thanks to :
  • COHORT 1 MACQUARIE for the cooperations
  • COHORT 2 MACQUARIE for da great support
  • COHORT 3 & COHORT 5 TEYL for da colloboration
  • CITITEL HOTEL PENANG and the crew for da splendid dinner and ballroom
  • uncle bala and uncle kamal for da transport..(it's raining heavily though..)
  • all the lecturers for supporting this event..(Mr. Ganesan, Mr. Zul, Mdm Salmah, Miss Malar)
  • RUmah Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak Pulau Pinang
  • Tretchan for da DSLR..(i owe u SR)..hehe..
  • and da rest of peeps who involve directly or indirectly in making this Raya Fest 2009 a wonderful event after all...
till then..adieu~


alynn cy said...

cheers for the pichas!
cheers for the new chenta~
haih korang neh..asek enjoy je
xde keje ke nk setel??
kitorg ni tak menang tgn nk wat keje.
but then..yeah..
kna enjoy gak kdg2..
dear..nice pichas!!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

hehe..xleh stress wat keje
kene gawk enjoy2
thanks for da compliment dear..
after i got my dslr,
i'll snap thousand of ur picas..hehe..

The Exquisite Instigator said...

huhuhu. tatau npe. tp ske pic pidi mse dy tgkp gmbr bdua wit u tu. comel. hahaha.

(pidi, klu ko bce komen nie, jgn r carut kt akuh. hahha)

meen said...

yeahhhh gmbr sy ada juga! haha:D

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

haha..it's undeniable mate..

cari je sapew xde lam pic tuh..
sume adew..:D

sya mansor said...

yus, thanks for da pics!

hope there more events and piccas to come. heh

anak pak man said...

aik, no shoutout to the PI group?
hehe :P